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Partner with us as we buy single-family homes, renovate to make them into modern two-unit rental properties and hold them for five-to-ten years while enjoying long-term cash flow and wealth generation.

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My investment strategy is mainly focused on Buy, Renovate, Refinance, Rent and Repeat (BRRRR). In other words, the plan is to find and purchase properties below market value, renovate them and, whenever possible, add a secondary unit and refinance for its full market value after renovations, then hold and rent the property for cash flow, mortgage paydown and appreciation. The funds obtained after refinancing a property are then used to purchase another one and repeat the process.

Andres Orozco

Andrés Orozco, Director

Artol Real Estate Investments

At ARTOL, we are an active Canadian real estate investment company. We work with investors to buy and hold high-quality residential investment properties for the long-term appreciation and monthly cash-flow. My company buys undervalued single-family homes and renovates them to add a legal secondary unit. We then refinance them and hold our investment for five to ten years.

Join me in this practical investment opportunity. Let me know your questions and I look forward to working with you.


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