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“If your goal is to build wealth that can provide financial freedom for generations to come, this is the right opportunity for you.”

How does it work?

Our investment strategy is mainly focused on Buy, Renovate, Refinance, Rent and Repeat (BRRRR). In other words, the plan is to find and purchase properties below market value, renovate them and, whenever possible, add a secondary unit and refinance for its full market value after renovations, then hold and rent the property for cash flow, mortgage paydown and appreciation. The funds obtained after refinancing a property are then used to purchase another one and repeat the process.

What do you get out of partnering with me?

When you invest with us, you get a hands-free investment in real estate where we do all the leg work. This involves:

  • finding the right property in the right location
  • analyzing the potential investment
  • managing the purchase process
  • coordinating the renovations
  • tenant screening and due diligence
  • property management
  • bookkeeping and quarterly financial reporting
  • managing the sale process and profit distribution at the end of the deal.

Throughout the whole process, you receive cash flow from the property and at the end of the deal you recover your initial investment plus 50% of the remaining profits from the sale. In some of the deals, you may not need to wait for the end to recover your initial investment.

Here’s a more detailed description of how a typical deal works:

YOU – 50%
ARTOL Investments – 50%
Cover 100% of down payment and renovation

Find the right property for the deal:

– Location research

– economic fundamentals

– Property Analysis

– Negotiate and structure the deal

Qualify for the mortgage on the property – Name on title

Bring members of Power Team as needed:

– Realtor

– Lawyer

– Mortgage Professional

– Insurance Broker

– Property Inspector

– Contractors

– Property Manager

– Accountant

– Bookkeeper

Plan, execute and manage renovation and duplex conversion

– Permits, drawings, inspection

Complete process of Legal Two Unit Dwelling with municipality

Tenant placement:

– Advertisement

– Screening and due diligence

Cover 50% of cash calls

Property management:

– Scheduled property inspections

– Maintenance and repairs

Receive 50% of monthly cash flow
Review quarterly report
Generate quarterly report

Sell property:

– Negotiate and structure deal

Get back initial capital
Pay back investor’s initial capital
Receive 50% of remaining profits
Receive 50% of remaining profits

How much money are we talking about?

In the area where I am focused, the kind of properties we look for are selling for $480,000 to $530,000. We are talking about 20% down payment plus initial cost of renovations required for the conversion to two-unit dwellings. The amounts range between $150,000 and $200,000

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